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Basic Information for Sellers:

How much is my home worth? – The right answer to this question is crucial!  While Zillow has the ever cool “Zestimate” it is still very frequently inaccurate.  Ask a active real estate professional or appraiser if you know one.  This will get you closer to the correct number.

The MLS is the best price increaser – The beauty of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is that all agents list their properties there for sale… so all the buyers look there for a home to purchase.  It is the power of numbers, and most online services do all they can to pull from this list.  Also it solicits to other agents, so you are more likely to get a buyer that can actually buy.  And you can get access to it by working with every real estate an agent.

Understand the Market.  Knowing where the real estate market is at now, what direction it is going, and how fast it is getting there are very important factors.  Some of the things to understand is the current median sales price, days on market, months of inventory.

The Process to Sell:

Preparing your home for sale – What is the condition that you would want to buy your home in?  Think of a model new home.  Lots of beautiful furnishings, but no clutter, and everything in good shape.  That will not work for many houses, but most can remove clutter and extra furniture.

On the market – Two of the most important aspects of selling a home are pricing of the property and getting it on to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  Pricing is crucial because if you overprice your home it will not sell; if you under price you leave money on the table.  The MLS is the best place to market the home as that is where the most buyers are looking for their next home.  There are other websites, but none as effective for getting the best price.

Accepting an offer – Once an offer arrives you must decide if it fits your criteria.  If it does not then negotiate until it is something you agree to.  Your agent can help you to know what is commonly practice within the market.

During the sale – After the offer is accepted, there are several required disclosure that must be prepared and given to the buyer.  They will also perform inspections to make sure of the condition of the house, and they may ask for some repairs to be made prior to close of escrow.  Once that is completed then it is just waiting for the lender to complete the loan process.

Completing the sale – Before the property transfers everyone will sign the closing documents, including the deed which will transfer the property to the buyers, and the process will finish once the deed is recorded at the county recorder’s office.  At that point the property will be the buyers, and the money will be deposited in your bank.

Stress Busters & Risk Reducers:

Don’t improve too much – Some sellers want to get everything perfect in order to sell. That is okay, but  it is important to not put in too many repairs prior to listing because many will not recoup the money spend by an increase in sales price.

Selling by owner – Some can do it and do it well. Some concerns are overpricing, not knowing legal requirements and disclosures, and unrealistic expectations regarding timing and sales process. Be careful to be informed.

Get professional help – Access to the MLS is not the only reason to hire a quality professional. A professional agent will guide you through the process,keep you informed and act as an intermediary and buffer between you and the buyer. They streamline the process and save lots of stress, time, and money.

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